A leading part of cold and hot chamber die casting machine including plunger sleeve, plunger rod, core pin, coupling, flange bush, holding block and plunger joint, it is through Japan technical innovation and high quality standards that KATO STEEL THAI CO.,LTD. leads the development of markets across the globe. Committed to the environment, KST is active in retaining the Toshiba machine, Ube machine and Toyo machine balance across all our operation.

The choice of material to have applied to Zinc alloy, Magnesium alloy and Aluminium Alloy. We provide high quality products based on the evident technology. Such as Plunger Sleeve, Plunger Tip, Termocoupling, Micro Depo, Auto Spray, Micro Separator, Auto Removal, Furnace, Die Temperature Controller, Press Machine, Ceramic Products and Repair Die Plate.